Investigation Services and Process Management

Cognitive HR carries out independent investigations for allegations of

 - misconduct or gross misconduct

 - bullying, harassment or discrimination

 - internal disciplinary or grievance allegations

 - allegations of complaints from customers or clients



Where mediation is not considered an option in resolving a conflict or difference, a company’s grievance or disciplinary process will be the first port of call to address and resolve the issues.


The Employment Act (2008) requires all organisations to have a structured approach to employment relations and workplace issues in place. Access to skilled workplace investigators who can undertake an effective investigation which allows the employer to reach a fair, objective and transparent outcome is a key legal requirement.


Following a fair and thorough process is crucial for all organisations. It will ensure businesses deal with workplace issues fairly and objectively and embed appropriate standards and behaviours.


Cognitive HR can support your business in this time consuming and often emotionally challenging process which can detract from day to day issues by undertaking investigations for you.