Cognitive HR provides all levels of assistance to your business from CV sifting to complete management of a recruitment process.


Having over 25 years experience in this field, Cognitive HR offers a wealth of experience and practice which has evolved as ideas, methodologies and media sources have themselves evolved.  We can offer...

1.Preparation of the recruitment process plan and tracker to ensure the activities remain aligned and on track.


2.Compiling of Job Descriptions and Person Specifications; aligning these to Competency Models used by the business if required.


3.Producing Vacancy Advertisements tailored for the advertising medium selected.


4.CV sifting and production of candidate profiles and reports.


5.Developing a selection process to best support a successful hire.


6.Assisting with or conducting interviews, psychometric profiling and running Assessment Centres.

Cognitive HR can manage all of the candidate communications on behalf of the business to ensure a streamlined and coherent process together with providing a regular management summary.